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Claire is the owner of two retail shoes stores situated in Miranda and Sydney CBD. Claire knows the benefits of an online store but find it a confusing experience in choosing an online developer and partner. She wasn’t off to a good start when an overseas company she initially chose became harder and harder to communicate with after initial setup and payment. Furthermore, features that were promised in the initial agreement now incur additional fees.


After the initial experience, Claire decided the hassle of dealing with an overseas provider was just not worth it and called for help with a local expert. Interlynk heeded her call and set out a consultant straight away who went on to explain our services and solutions to her problems. She basically wanted an online store where it can sell items 24/7 and one where she can manage inventory and sales herself without employing a full time sales person. Furthermore, she wanted her website to have a sophisticated feel as she was selling high-end items and accessories.


After two weeks of going back and forth with our designers and developers, her online store was born. Three more later, Claire couldn’t be happier – her sales were up with online sales talking more than 20% of her total sales


"Working with Interlynk has been a hassle free experience from start to finish. What I like about Interlynk is their ability to think outside the box to create solutions that attracts clients to our business."



Gregory run a startup steel works company in a small suburb in Western Sydney. Due to the location of his company, Gregory believes a well-developed website is the key to help him promote his company to a wider audience. He wanted more than a website, he wanted the website to not only be a primary source of contact but also something that people can easily search for and find.


"Interlynk has been helping us a great deal with our company website and online marketing from startup to a now profitable business "



Interlynk has total commitment in helping us achieve online sales that contributes to a large portion of our revenue. They are professionals in their field but most importantly they deliver on their promise."

Ryan, Strings N Things Parrmatta and Sydney CBD


"I like to thank David and his team for helping us promote our business online. We have seen the number of requests for our services jumped almost overnight"

Winton – Multiimage Constructions


"We have found success in Google for certain keywords by enlisting the help of Interlynk."

Jack – Wardsteel


"Interlynk was a pleasure to work with."

William – Will’s Bakery


"Interlynk helped us set up a wonderful website that allows our customers to view their details and make payments online. As a result, our customer service has improved and so has our overall productivity. I would recommend them."

Michelle – Parramatta Legal


"Interlynk helped us implement our website that integrated well with our existing systems andoperations."

Joanne – Realtech Systems


"The marketing material that Interlynk Creative created helped us in securing new customers and was a worthwhile investment for our company."

George – Superb Building


"We were satisfied with Interlynk for our advertising program."

Glenn - Rapidgain


"Interlynk was very meticulous with their design and satisfied all our requirements in building our website. What I liked about them was their upfront approach and their excellent communications.Ruby – Western Sydney Dance School"